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Sports are a great way for a child to learn self discipline and how to work with others. Between 8-18 kids are going through growth spurts and spending a lot of time either sitting in school or at home on computers. The combination of the two lead to poor movement and an increase risk of injury in sports. We want kids to get the most out of their sports and in doing so, keeping them healthy, safe, and injury free.

Here at Strength Brigade Performance we design and implement a program based on fundamental movements that teach kids how to move correctly. This not only allows them to perform better in sport, but will give them the foundation for if and when they want to take up weight training. They will be better prepared and excel faster, safely.

Between Paul and myself we have over a decade of training. We have worked closely with youth athletes and see the common injuries they encounter. We took our ten years of experiences and designed a program that will teach kids how to move well and have better control over the body. Our programs are created for different stages in a children’s development. From as young as 8 up to 18 years of age, we have a program that will help them move more efficiently in their sport.



I was raised in Los Angeles California the second oldest child with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. We were an active family that put a strong value in sports. We played many sports from soccer, baseball, basketball, football, tennis and other sports that kept us busy and really fed my love for athletics.

I attended westchester high school where I played football and baseball, but really focused on baseball as a passion. I played catcher and in that, started to develop a liking to training for that position. I started at that time lifting weights and grew a want to be stronger.

As I left high school I wanted to continue my baseball career so I attended junior college for a year where I suffered a shoulder injury and from there ended my playing career. From there I transferred to Cal State Northridge where I focused on business communications.

In my adult career I never really lost a passion for training, workout out with friends during their off season and seeing the different styles of training they did to get ready for various sports.

In a move to Miami , I started to focus on training and fitness as a career. At this time I started to focus on strength sports like powerlifting and strong man as well as bodybuilding and really grew a real love for training in this realm. I also saw how strength could truly help an athlete grow in their sport. I then decided to put myself in this world by opening a gym focused on these training types. In training and helping others train, I focused on training people. I earned my certification from NASM and started to grow my understanding of proper training techniques to grow athletes. My goal now is to help young athletes properly develop their ability through proper technique and progression. We believe that with proper structure, athletes can become stronger and more dynamic athletes and we want to create you to the athlete that you want to be.



I struggled in sports as a kid. I was “awkward in my body” as it had been phrased so many times. So when it came to what to study in college, I chose Kinesiology. I wanted to learn how to become a better athlete. Through my lessons and classes I taught, I noticed even people who played sports all their childhood didn’t understand how to do some fundamental movements; and of course that correlated with some injury they encountered when in high school sports.

I received my Masters in Exercise Physiology and went to work in the fitness industry training people with goal of helping them move better to live a pain free life. Of the course of the past few years however, the injuries kids were getting from sports wasn’t getting better.

I believe sports are a great way for kids to learn teamwork, and discipline. It can create great opportunity for success in a kids future. However, I feel that today, kids are being pushed to hard. Because of the success it can bring, kids are being pushed to get bigger, stronger, and faster in a time frame shorter than their body can adapt and that is how injuries occur. My cousin and sister-in-law had both suffered some injuries from their sport and a combination of a poor strength training program. This prompted me to bring my focus to helping youth athletes.

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